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A Keyword is a word you set up for people to text in with (i.e. text CONNECT to (775) 347-7333). A Keyword Workflow is a series of steps that happen when someone uses your Keyword.

Keyword Workflows can be used many different ways. Connect with visitors, send automated messages, add people to a texting list, or trigger a list of options for people to choose from. In this article, we're going to walk through some of the different steps you can use in a Keyword Workflow.

Workflow Steps

  1. Send Text - Use this step to trigger an auto-response when someone uses your Keyword. You can even build out a series of follow-up texts to send over the course of a few weeks. Set up texts to send at a specific day, time, or only trigger if the person meets certain conditions.

  2. Add to List - Automatically add people to a subscriber list. This is great way to keep your subscribers organized. If someone texts your first time guest keyword, add them to your visitors list. If someone texts your youth keyword, add them to your youth group list.

  3. Collect Name and Email - Easily collect information by sending a digital connect card. When people fill out their name and email, that information is automatically added to their subscriber profile so you can always know who you're texting.

  4. Send Menu - Send people a list of options to choose from (reply 1 for prayer, 2 for giving, or 3 for small groups). Each person can respond with a number to receive the specific information they're looking for. This allows you to use a single keyword for everything!

  5. Push to ______ - Planning Center, Church Community Builder, or Rock RMS. You can use the corresponding Push step to automatically create new profiles in your church management software and/or add them to a group or workflow in your CMS. Really helpful for connecting with first-time guests!

  6. Transfer to Workflow - In some cases, you may want to transfer someone to a different workflow. This step lets you do exactly that.

  7. Transfer to Subaccount - If you use Subaccounts for your departments/campuses, you can automatically transfer subscribers to a subaccount.

Video walkthrough:

Things to Know

  • You can add waiting periods between your workflow steps. You

  • You can also add Branches to create multiple workflow paths. Different people will get specific messages based on the conditions you set.

  • Workflows are very customizable and can be used for many different use cases - both complex and simple.

  • You can edit your workflow at any time by clicking the 3 dot icon to the far right of your keyword > edit.

  • You can easily re-order your workflow steps by dragging and dropping.

If you have any questions or want help creating your workflow, just reach out to us in chat. We're happy to help. 😊

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