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If you’ve ever created a Keyword Workflow and thought, “I’d love this group of people to receive one text, but that group to receive a different text”, branches are for you. Branches provide a way for everyone to use the same Keyword, but receive different texts, join separate Lists, enter different Workflows, or even be sent to separate Subaccounts. And if you use Planning Center, you can even send people to different Planning Center Workflows. Each person's path through the Workflow is dependent on their profile data and previous activity.

Video Walkthrough:

Common Branches

  • Previously Used Keyword - If the Subscriber has texted this Keyword before, add a branch for them to receive a different set of texts.

  • Missing Name & Email - If you don't have the Subscriber's name and email, add a branch to ask for this information.

If you'd like to split your Workflow differently, you can create a custom branch and add your own conditions.


To use branches, start by creating a Keyword. In our example, we'll be using the Keyword Prayer for guests and members to text in prayer requests.

We'll actually start the Workflow with a Branch. Select Add Branch > Custom Branch, then select the condition.

For each branch, the split comes when you ask the branch question: Is the Subscriber's First Name Empty? If the answer is...

  • YES - The Subscriber enters the Branch. If we don't have their first name yet, we'd like to ask for it. In this Branch, we'll add two steps: Collect Name and Email and Send Text.

  • NO - The Subscriber continues down the Main Path. Since we already have their first name, we'll just respond with a message asking for their prayer request.

To summarize: When someone texts in your Keyword, they will begin to go through your workflow. If they meet the conditions of the Branch, they will split from the Main Path and enter the Branch. If they don't meet the conditions, they'll stay on the Main Path. Once they finish the branch, they'll return to the Main Path to continue receiving texts. Or if you'd rather they not be added back to the main path you can toggle to "Exit workflow".

Preview Your Workflow:

When creating your Workflow, you can use the preview phone on the right to see exactly what the messages will look like to your recipients. Use the arrows to switch between previewing your Main Path and Path #2. If you add multiple Branches, multiple paths will be created. Each will be labelled Main Path, Path #2, Path #3, and so on.

Main Path: those whose first name is not empty.

Path #2: those whose first name is empty.

Things to note:

  • If a step has the 3 bars on the left of it, you can drag & drop that step to a new place in the Workflow.

  • Branches can be used in Keyword Workflows and Automated Workflows.

  • You can have multiple Branches within one Workflow.

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