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How Can I Create a Custom Branch?
How Can I Create a Custom Branch?
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To create a custom branch, head to your Keyword Workflow. Scroll to the bottom and click Add Branch > Custom Branch. From here, you can add your own conditions.

For example, if I'm missing a Subscriber's last name, I may want to ask them to share that info. But I don't want to request this from people who have already given us their last name.

You can also require multiple conditions be met. If adding multiple conditions, all must be met in order to trigger the person into the Branch. In the example below, people would only enter the branch if they are missing both first name and last name.

If we already have a subscriber's first name or last name, they'll remain on the Main Branch and just receive our "Thanks for coming today!" text. If we're missing both their first and last name, they'll branch off and enter Branch #2. Here, they'll receive a message asking them to fill out the Collect Name & Email Form.

When creating a custom Branch you can also add an alternate set of conditions. Just click Add Group to add OR condition(s). In this case, if a subscriber meets either set of conditions, they will enter the branch.

Have further questions? Chat in to our support team. We'd love to help!

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