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Can I transfer someone from a Keyword Workflow to an Automated Workflow?
Can I transfer someone from a Keyword Workflow to an Automated Workflow?
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Yes. Workflows are a series of actions that happen to a Subscriber. There are two types of Workflows: Keyword and Automated. Both Workflows can be used differently, but in some cases you may want to use a Keyword to enter someone into an Automated Workflow.

People can join a Keyword Workflow by texting a Keyword (ie. Text CONNECT to (775) 347-7333)).

People can join an Automated Workflow based on a list (if using an automation), they can be added manually by a Clearstream User, or they can be transferred in from a Keyword Workflow.


Let's say you've set up an Automated Workflow to follow up with visitors who fill out a paper connect card. You have 5-7 follow up texts that you send them over the course of a few weeks reminding them of service times and encouraging them to get plugged in. A few months down the road, you decide you want to create a Keyword to let your visitors text in to connect with you (rather than using a paper form). You want to follow up with them but you don't want to create a completely new Workflow. Create your Keyword, then simply choose the Transfer to Workflow step to send them into your Automated Workflow.

Scroll to the bottom of your Keyword Workflow and select Add Step > Transfer to Workflow.

Adding this step will remove the Subscribers from your Keyword Workflow and enter them into your selected Automated Workflow, at whichever point you place it in the workflow.

If you only want to push some people to an Automated Workflow, check out Branches. With Branches you can transfer specific Subscribers to an Automated Workflow while keeping the other Subscribers in your Keyword Workflow.

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