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Automated Workflows
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Automated Workflows let you trigger multiple text messages to new Subscribers who join one of your Lists. Create automated processes for following up with new visitors, engaging new members, or giving next steps to new volunteers.

Let's say it's Sunday morning and you have 15 new visitors who fill out paper connect cards at your church. All you need to do is add those numbers to your Clearstream List. Each week we'll automatically trigger any new visitors into your Automated Workflow. This makes following up with your visitors simple. 💯

Setting up your Automated Workflow

  1. Name your Workflow

  2. Setup Automation (optional) - tie your Workflow to a List and automatically trigger new people into your Workflow. New Subscribers will join your Workflow at the time you choose. 

4. Create Messages - You can create multiple messages to send at specific times of the week/month. Subscribers will receive the first message as soon as they join your Workflow.

    5. That's it. Now you're ready to go!

Things to keep in mind

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