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How do I push my subscribers to Church Community Builder?
How do I push my subscribers to Church Community Builder?

Automatically creating a new Person in CCB.

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When someone texts in with your Keyword, you can automatically create a new Profile for them in your Church Community Builder account. You can even add them to CCB groups or process queues as part of your workflow.

Step 1: Create a new Keyword or select an existing one

Step 2: Select Lists

Select the List(s) you want to attach to your Keyword and optionally add an auto-response message.

Step 3: Click the "Add Step" button

Step 4: Select "Push to Church Community Builder"

If you haven't yet set up your CCB Integration, just click "Connect to CCB" to integrate.*

*Note: CCB requires a first and last name to create a Profile. When adding this step we will automatically add the Collect Name and Email step to your workflow unless it has already been created.

(Optional) Step 5: Select Add to Group or Add to Process Queue

Using the dropdown, select the CCB groups or process queues you want profiles to be added to.

Step 6: Click 'Create' or 'Update Keyword'

Now that you've set up your Keyword, everyone who texts in and fills out the form will be created as a new Profile in your CCB account.

Best Practices

To prevent creating duplicate profiles in CCB, review these best practices.

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