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Using the send menu step, subscribers can text your keyword or enter an automated workflow and receive back a list of options. They respond with their selection, and are sent a text with the specific info they're looking for. From there, they can be sent down a unique path in your workflow - added to a specific List, transferred to another workflow or subaccount, and more. The send menu step allows you to use one singular keyword for multiple unique use cases.

How It Works:

Step 1: When setting up your workflow, select "Add Step" > "Send Menu".

Step 2: Create Menu Options for guests and members to choose from when they text in the keyword or are added to the automated workflow.

Step 3: Build the path for each menu option by choosing additional steps: send a text, add the subscribers to a list, collect their name & email address, or transfer them to a subaccount where a specific team can connect with them.

Step 4: That's all! Now guests and members can easily get connected to the right ministry or info they need.


You've set up a keyword that Pastor will share during announcements, "Text EARLYCHURCH to 94000 and we'll get you connected with the right team". When subscribers text "earlychurch", they'll receive your menu, respond with a number, and be entered into a specific path of your workflow.

Each person's response will determine which workflow path they enter. Each path can include various steps: send follow up texts, add subscribers to a specific list, or even transfer them to another workflow or subaccount.

Things to Note:

  • You can change your menu options at any time (without changing your keyword). For example, add another menu option near Christmas with info about any changing service times.

  • The response text must include only the number. For example, 2 Youth Ministry would not trigger the menu option. They would need to text 2.

  • You can create as many menu options as your character count allows (up to 765 characters).

  • To receive info on a second topic, simply text the keyword again, and select a new option.

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