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If you use Subaccounts to segment your Clearstream account into specific departments/campuses, it may be helpful to have Keywords in your master account that automatically send Subscribers to a specific Subaccount.

When creating a Keyword (ie. Text JOIN to (775) 347-7333), you can automatically transfer Subscribers to a separate Subaccount. Most commonly, this is used when you've created a Branch and you want to send specific Subscribers to a Subaccount while keeping other Subscribers in your Master Account.
When you're creating your Workflow, scroll to the bottom and click Add Step > Transfer to Subaccount.

Once you've added this step, choose the Subaccount you want to transfer Subscribers to. You can optionally add them to a specific list within the Subaccount and even add them to one of the Subaccount's Automated Workflows.

Things to note:

  • When using the Add to Workflow option, Subscribers will receive the first text in the Automated Workflow immediately.

  • The Transfer to Subaccount step is only available when creating a Keyword in the master account.

  • When Transferring Subscribers to a Subaccount, they will automatically be Opted In to that Subaccount.

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