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Best Practices and FAQs
Best Practices and FAQs
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Best Practices

  • Keep it genuine. If your text sounds too ro-bo-tic or WAY TOO EXCITED you may want to make a few edits. A simple way to gauge this: try reading your message out loud before sending.

  • Regularly check your Inbox. There's a good chance you'll have people reply with questions, prayer requests, etc. You can respond to incoming messages from your Inbox (make sure you have email/push notifications enabled).

  • Try not to bug people. πŸ˜† In most cases, we recommend sending no more than 1-2 messages per week to your main church-wide List.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do message credits work? One message sent to 200 people = 200 credits. Incoming texts are free. If your text is longer than 160 characters or includes special characters/emojis it may use additional credits.

  • How do I reach support? Our team is available Monday-Friday (8-5 Central) + limited weekend support. During business hours we typically respond in under three minutes. Chat with us from the bottom right corner of your account or schedule a call.

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