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Setting up a Rock RMS integration
Setting up a Rock RMS integration
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NOTE: There are two ways to integrate Rock RMS with Clearstream. You can use just one, or both, depending on what you'd like to do.

In this article, we'll show you how to import your Rock Groups and Communication Lists into your Clearstream account and keep them synced. You can watch this video walkthrough, or read the instructions below if you prefer.

Configure Rock

We'll do the hardest part first. In order to set up the Clearstream integration, you'll need two pieces of information: the URL to your Rock RMS installation, and an API key (which is called a REST Key in Rock).

Step 1: Create a REST Key in Rock

  1. Log in to Rock RMS.

  2. Go to Admin Tools > Security > REST Keys.

  3. Click the "+" icon to create a new key.

  4. Give it a recognizable name like "Clearstream API Key".

  5. Click Generate Key and copy this key. You'll need it later.

  6. Click Save.

Step 2: Grant admin permissions to the REST Key

1) Go to Admin Tools > Security > User Accounts.

2) Find the REST Key you just created and click on the name in the "Person" column.

3) Go to the "Security" tab and scroll down to "Security Roles."

4) Click the "+" icon to assign a new Security Role to the REST key.

5) Choose "RSR - Rock Administration" and click Save.

Configure Clearstream

Now the easy part! Log in to your Clearstream account to finish up.

Step 1: Start the integration setup

  1. Agree to the terms and click "Connect Rock".

  2. Type in the URL to your Rock RMS installation and the REST key you just created.

  3. Click Set API Credentials.

Step 2: Choose which groups and communication lists to sync

  1. Choose which groups and communication lists to sync into Clearstream.

  2. Click Continue.

Step 3: Run the initial sync

  1. Click Run Sync Now to start the initial sync.

  2. Once the sync finishes, verify your groups and communication lists have been imported by going to Subscribers.

Next Steps

Once you've got the Rock RMS integration setup you can continue to connect the platforms. Consider automatically retrieving profile data from Rock, pushing new subscribers to Rock, and branching based on a person's campus.

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