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How can I connect Rock RMS and Clearstream?
How can I connect Rock RMS and Clearstream?
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There are two ways to integrate Rock RMS with Clearstream:

#1 - Use the Plugin in Rock

If you want to send texts within Rock, you'll need to install the Clearstream Rock RMS Plugin, available in the Rock Shop. After you install the plugin, read how to configure the Clearstream Rock RMS plugin.

The plugin is a drop-in replacement for the Twilio SMS Transport that comes with Rock. Using Clearstream as your SMS Transport provides faster message throughput.

#2 - Use the Integration in Clearstream

If you want to text the people you have in your Rock database from your Clearstream account, you'll need to set up the Rock integration in Clearstream. Read this article for a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

The integration will import the Rock Groups and Communication Lists you choose, and sync them every night automatically. Then you can send texts to these groups within your Clearstream account.

With this integration setup, you can also automatically retrieve profile data from Rock, push new subscribers to Rock, launch Workflows within Rock, and create branches based on a profile's campus.

Not sure which way to integrate Rock and Clearstream?

We recommend using both the plugin and integration, so you can use the strengths of each platform:

  1. Use Clearstream's advanced keyword functionality to create your Text-to-Join Keywords.

  2. Send mass texts using Clearstream's infrastructure rather than depending on your own Rock install. You can also send engaging photo and video messages with Clearstream.

  3. Send transactional texts directly from Rock.

  4. Manage one-on-one conversations in the platform that makes sense for your organization.

If you're still having trouble figuring out the best configuration for your church, our support team is happy to help!

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