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How do I launch Rock workflows?
How do I launch Rock workflows?

Use a Clearstream Workflow to launch a workflow in Rock RMS.

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When someone texts in with your Keyword, you can automatically create a new Person for them and launch workflows on them in your Rock RMS account.

For a demonstration, just watch the video below. Alternatively, you can follow the written instructions.

Step 1: In Rock, create a new Workflow type or edit an existing one

Rock Workflow types can be created from Admin Tools > General Settings > Workflow Configuration, select a category, and click Add Workflow Type.

Step 2: Add a Person attribute to your new Rock Workflow

Under Attributes, click the plus button to add a new attribute.

Name your field and set the Field Type to Person. Click Save.

Step 3: Create an action to set the Person attribute from entity

Under Activities, click Add Action. Name your action and set the action type to Workflow Attributes > Attribute Set from Entity.

Then under Attribute, select the Person attribute you created in the previous step.

Be sure to add this action before any other action in your workflow.

Add any other actions you want to your workflow and Save.

Step 4: In Clearstream, Create a new Keyword or edit an existing one

Step 5: Click the "Add Step" button.

Step 6: Select "Push to Rock RMS"

If you haven't yet set up your Rock Integration, just click "Connect" in the newly added step.

Selecting "Push to Rock RMS" from the Add Step modal.

*Note: Rock RMS requires a first and last name to create a Person. When adding this step we will automatically add the Collect Name and Email step to your workflow unless it has already been created.

Step 7: Select Launch Workflow(s)

Check the Launch Workflow(s) checkbox and select the workflow you want to Launch.

(Optional) Step 8: Add Workflow Attributes

When Clearstream launches the workflow you have selected, we can pass along additional attributes with the request. Add any additional workflow attributes you would like sent by adding key value pairs under "Workflow Attributes."

Step 9: Click Create or Update Keyword

Now that you've set up your Keyword, everyone who texts in and fills out the form will be created as a new Person in your Rock account. Then the workflow(s) you selected will be run on them.

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