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Branch Based on Rock Campus
Branch Based on Rock Campus
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If your church has multiple campuses and uses Rock RMS, you can create a Keyword with custom branches for each campus. When someone texts your Keyword, you can automatically route them to the correct campus based on their Campus in Rock.

This allows you to use one Keyword across all campuses and automatically route each Subscriber to the right campus based on their campus in Rock. You can send campus-specific info without asking which campus a subscriber is at. For visitors and people who don't have a Rock Campus, you can automatically send them a list of campus options to select from with the Send Menu step.

You can create unique texts, Workflows, and Subaccounts for each campus, but have the same call to action at each location.


Let's say it's Sunday morning and you're announcing that home groups are starting next week. You could say "Whether you're joining us Downtown or at our North campus, we'd love to connect with you. Text HGROUPS to 97000 to get more info on groups local to you". When each person texts in, they'll automatically be routed to the correct account based on their Campus. You can even transfer them to a Subaccount. Everyone gets connected and no one falls through the cracks.

For those who don't have a campus in Rock, you can send a menu to let them select their campus.

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