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How do I import from Excel?
How do I import from Excel?
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If you already have a list of contacts you want to text, you can easily upload it using a CSV file. This is a great way to transfer contacts from a database or an event sign-up.

Before importing a list it's important to make sure the list is up-to-date and that you have permission to text everyone in the list. If you have questions on this, reach out to us in chat, or check out Importing Guidelines.

To begin an import

Click Subscribers (left menu) > Add Subscribers (far right) > Import CSV.

File formatting instructions

  • File must be saved as a CSV.ย 

  • The first row should be a header row with columns named: Mobile,* First, Last, Email, and Tags. Only the Mobile column is required. The rest are optional.

Download a sample CSV file: Clearstream_Sample_Import_File.csv

Things to Note

  • Most phone number formats are accepted (123-456-7890, 1234567890, etc.)

  • There is flexibility with the header row. If your CSV file has a Phone Number or Phone or Mobile Number column, that will be used if Mobile is not present.

  • You can add multiple tags per subscriber.

  • When importing your CSV, you can add new tags in step 4.

If you have trouble importing your list, just reach out to our team and we can troubleshoot for you. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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