How do Tags work?
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When it comes to organizing the subscribers in your account, you have a few options. Subaccounts and Lists are the primary ways to segment your subscribers into different ministries or groups, but tags are helpful for further organization.

When to use Tags

  • Tag a subscriber with "brand new" to ensure to follow-up well with this person if it was their first time visiting.

  • Tag all subscribers who participated in your poll, so you can invite them to participate in future polls.

  • Tag a subscriber who you've personally called and talked with to let the other users in your account know that this person has already been contacted by the church.

  • Tag someone who submitted a prayer request as a reminder to be praying for them.

Creating a Tag

Go to the Subscribers page > Scroll to the bottom > Create New Tag. Type your tag name > Create Tag. For our example, I'm going to tag all high school seniors.

Tagging Subscribers Manually

First, select the three dots on the right of the subscriber you'd like to tag > Edit. In the bottom right of the screen, select "Add Tag".

Now, when you view the list of all High School Students, you can easily see anyone who has the Seniors' tag.

Tagging Subscribers Automatically

You can also automatically tag people using keyword workflows and automated workflows.

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