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How do I collect prayer requests?
How do I collect prayer requests?
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Churches use Clearstream every week to gather prayer requests from their members via text message. We routinely hear that the engagement is higher than any other method they use. There's two ways to do this: 

  • Proactively gather prayer requests each week - Send a text to your members asking how you can pray for them. All incoming responses are sent to your Inbox in Clearstream and you and your team can respond to them from there.

  • Let people text in their prayer requests during the week - Long codes (10 digit local numbers) are commonly used as a dedicated number for people to text in their prayer requests throughout the week. Advertise on your bulletin or screen Text your prayer requests to 555-342-****. All incoming prayer requests will go into your Inbox. You can also setup an automated response message when someone sends a message to your long code. I.e. - "Thanks for sending in your prayer request. Our team will be praying this week." 

Things to note

  • You can also setup a Subaccount specifically for your prayer team to handle all prayer requests.

  • Enable email/push notifications to be notified of incoming texts.

  • Each week we will email you a new pre-filled text message that you can send to your members asking how you can pray for them. 

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