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What are inactive subscribers?
What are inactive subscribers?
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Inactive subscribers are people who have interacted with your account, but either 

  1. never joined a List.

  2. or are no longer contained in a list.

Inactive subscribers are not the same as Opt-outs. You can view these numbers by going to Subscribers > View all > Filter > "Inactive".

Common examples:

  • Your Keyword is triggering an auto-response but not opting people into a List. 

  • Your long code is not opting people who text it to a List. When someone texts your long code, their message will be sent to your Inbox, but they will not be part of a List.

  • Someone is synced into Clearstream from Planning Center, Rock, or CCB, but then later removed from the list. They are still in Clearstream, but no longer in the list.

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