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What's the difference between Keyword opt-ins and uses?
What's the difference between Keyword opt-ins and uses?
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When viewing Keyword analytics, you'll see two separate metrics: opt-ins and uses.


Every time your Keyword is texted, it will count as a use. If the same person texts your Keyword multiple times, each time will count as a use.


A Keyword Opt-In refers to someone who joined your account for the first time by texting the Keyword. It will not be an opt-in if someone has already joined your account (through integration, CSV file, another Keyword, or manually).

If someone new texts in with your Keyword (and your Keyword is set to Opt-in), that person's text will count as both an Opt-in and a Use.


  1. Anne texts our GCInfo Keyword the first time she visited our church. This is an opt-in and a use.

  2. Bill was manually added (opted in) to our Clearstream account in February and has been receiving texts from us. A few months later, he texts our Keyword. This is use only, as Bill is already opted in.

Where can I view Uses and Opt-ins?

  1. On the Keywords page, in line with each separate Keyword.

2. If you click on a Keyword and scroll down to Keyword Performance, you can see the number of Uses and Opt-ins over a specific period of time.

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