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How do I create a report?
How do I create a report?
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Reports allow you to pull CSV files that include detailed metrics for keywords, messages, credit usage, and subscriber info. There are four report options: Keyword Activity, Keyword Use, Texts Sent, and Subscriber Texts.

Quick Setup: Login > Settings > Reports.


  1. Choose your report.

    - Keyword Activity includes the number of times a keyword was used, how many texts were sent from its workflow, and how many credits it used.

    - Keyword Use includes all uses of the selected keyword(s).

    - Texts Sent includes number of texts an account has sent and received and how many credits it used.

    - Subscriber Texts includes all texts sent to & received from the selected subscriber.

  2. Customize.

    Choose a date range. If you're pulling a keyword activity report, you can also select which keywords you'd like to see data for.

  3. Click "Create Report."

    Each time a new report is created, a CSV file will pop up in the upper, right corner where you can click to download and view results. You can always view previous reports from the Reports page.

If you pull a report and don't see the data you're looking for, or have any questions about your CSV file, just let us know. We're happy to help. 😊

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