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Setting up Planning Center Integration
Setting up Planning Center Integration
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Clearstream has a seamless, two-way integration with Planning Center. After connecting your Clearstream account with your Planning Center account, you'll be able to send texts to your People lists, have 2-way conversations, create new profiles in People (while preventing duplicates), add people to your Planning Center Workflows, retrieve names from Planning Center when people text in, and even send automated texts based on Planning Center campus ID. Let's get started!

Quick setup: Login > Integrations > Connect Planning Center.

Video Tutorial:

5 Ways you can integrate Clearstream with Planning Center

  1. Text your People lists from Clearstream – If your Planning Center account is already organized into lists, you won’t have to re-create these lists in Clearstream. You can easily sync your People lists into Clearstream. Once your lists are synced, you’ll be able to text them from within Clearstream (and people can reply back). 🙌 Your lists will be automatically synced every 24 hours, so any changes made to your lists in Planning Center will be reflected in Clearstream as well.

  2. Create a new profile in Planning Center when someone texts in When guests use your Keyword to text in on a Sunday morning (ie. text CONNECT to 94000), you can immediately collect their info and automatically create them as a new person in Planning Center. No more manually entering information from paper connect cards on Monday morning.

  3. Retrieve Planning Center data via text – You likely won’t want to ask your current church members to fill out a digital connect card if you already have their info in Planning Center. When someone texts in, their phone number will be automatically searched in your Planning Center account in real-time. If their phone number already exists in Planning Center, instead of sending them a digital connect card, we’ll instantly sync their info into Clearstream.

  4. Automatically add people to a Planning Center Workflow – If your church uses Planning Center Workflows, you’re probably aware that it can be challenging to make sure people are added to the correct Workflows. People can now be added to one of your Planning Center Workflows, just seconds after texting in. 🔥 Whether it’s for guests, volunteers, or new salvations, people can text in on a Sunday morning and automatically join the correct Workflow in Planning Center.

  5. Send texts based on Planning Center Campus ID – If you’re with a multi-campus church, you know it can be difficult to ensure your members are getting the correct, campus-specific information. You can now use the same call to action at every campus (ie. text CONNECT to 94000), but have each person receive a customized response based on their campus ID in Planning Center. You can even transfer them to a Subaccount for that specific campus. If someone doesn't have a campus ID, they'll receive a list of campus options to choose from.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The person who sets up your Integration will need to have editor, admin, or manager permissions in your Planning Center account.

  • If you have multiple People in Planning Center with the same phone number, Clearstream will only sync one of the profiles.

  • Lists syncing from Planning Center will automatically update every 24 hours, but you can run a manual sync any time. Head to Integrations > View Planning Center > Run Sync Now.

If you have any questions about integration with Planning Center, reach out to our team through the support chat any time. We're happy to help!

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