If you haven't set up your Planning Center Integration, head here first.

If someone new texts into your Clearstream account, you likely won't know their name unless they text it to you or they fill out a digital form. But if your church uses Planning Center you can automatically sync in their existing data from Planning Center People.

When someone texts in to your Clearstream account (whether using Keyword or texting in with a question), Clearstream can automatically look-up the phone number in your Planning Center account in real time. If the phone number already exists in Planning Center, we'll sync their People profile (name and email) into their Clearstream profile (almost instantly).

To enable this feature, go to your Planning Center Integration page and check the box to "Automatically retrieve profile data from People when someone texts in."

How It Works

  1. Someone texts in to join your Clearstream account for the first time.

  2. Clearstream automatically looks for the phone number in Planning Center.

  3. If it exists, Clearstream syncs their profile data (name & email address) from People and adds the info to their Subscriber profile in Clearstream.

How It Helps

  • Automatically fill Subscribers' name and email fields without asking people to submit it (if they already exist in Planning Center).

  • In a Keyword Workflow you can send a digital form only to people who don't already exist in Planning Center (even if they've never been synced with Clearstream). Check out Branches to learn more.

  • This nearly omits the possibility of duplicates being created in Planning Center. Check out our Push to Planning Center feature to see how you can automatically create new People in Planning Center.

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