With this integration, you can sync your Planning Center Lists into Clearstream and send text messages to your people and also have one-on-one conversations.

Click here for instructions on how to set up the integration.

Run your Initial Sync

After connecting your Planning Center account with your Clearstream account, you’ll be able to select which People lists you want synced into Clearstream. Once your selected lists have synced, you can view them from the Subscribers page in your Clearstream account. People who don't have a phone number in Planning Center will not be synced into Clearstream, so it's common for your Planning Center lists to have fewer contacts once synced into Clearstream.

Lists will be automatically updated

People Lists are auto-synced every 24 hours, but you can also manually sync them any time. To do this, head to Integrations from the left menu > View Planning Center > Run Sync Now (far right). You can also sync a specific List at anytime from the Subscribers page.

When People Lists are re-synced, Clearstream updates any changed data fields for a person. For example, if you change Jane Doe’s email address in People, the same change will be reflected in Clearstream when the list is re-synced.

Unsubscribes will be automatically removed

When you send a message to a list that is pulling over from Planning Center, anyone who opts-out/unsubscribes will be removed from your Clearstream List, but will remain in your People list. Anyone who has opted out of your Clearstream account will not be added back into your Clearstream account at the next sync time. This ensures people aren't unwillingly receiving text messages from your church.

A few things to keep in mind:

If you have any questions or want more information about how to sync your People lists, reach out through our support chat any time. We're happy to help! 😊

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