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Setting up the Breeze Integration
Setting up the Breeze Integration
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How to run the initial sync

๐Ÿ‘‰ You'll first need to get your Breeze API Credentials. ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Step 1: Start the integration setup

  1. Agree to the terms and click Connect Breeze.

  2. Input your Breeze API Credentials and click Set API Credentials.

Step 2: Choose which tags to sync

  1. Select the tags you would like to sync into Clearstream.

  2. Click Continue.

Step 3: Run the initial sync

  1. Click Run Sync Now to start the initial sync*.

  2. Once the sync finishes, verify your groups and communication lists have been imported by going to Subscribers.

*Note: Due to Breeze's API Rate limits and Sync Delays, the initial sync could take up to an hour depending on the size of your Breeze database.

What information is pulled in from Breeze?

Clearstream will pull the following fields for each person: Mobile Phone (required), First Name, Last Name, and Email. If the Breeze person does not have a phone number listed in the Mobile field they will not be synced. It's common for your synced Tags to have fewer contacts in Clearstream than in Breeze as there are usually at least a few contacts without a mobile number.

How often are my Breeze Tags synced?

Breeze Tags are auto-synced every 24 hours, but you can also manually sync them at any time from Integrations > Breeze by clicking Run Sync Now. You can also re-sync a specific List at any time from the Subscribers page. Click the 3-dot icon (far right) > Sync Now.

When Breeze Tags are re-synced, Clearstream will also update any changed data fields for a person. For example, if you change Jane Doeโ€™s email address in Breeze, it will also be changed in the Clearstream List.

Handling Opt-outs

When you send a message to a synced group, anyone who texts STOP will be opted-out from receiving texts in your Clearstream account, but they won't be removed from the tag in Breeze. People who have opted out from SMS will not be opted back in at the next Breeze sync.

Next Steps

Once you've got the integration setup you can continue to connect the platforms. Consider automatically retrieving subscriber data from Breeze.

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