Using the Send Menu step, Subscribers can text in your Keyword (i.e earlychurch to 94000), and receive back a list of options. They respond with their selection, and are sent a text with the specific info they're looking for. From there, they can be sent down a unique path in your Keyword Workflow - added to a specific List, transferred to another Workflow or Subaccount, and more. The Send Menu step allows you to use one singular Keyword for multiple unique use cases.

How It Works:

Step 1: When setting up your Keyword Workflow, click "Add Step" > "Send Menu".

Step 2: Create the Menu Options for guests and members to choose from when they text in the Keyword.

Step 3: Build the path for each menu option by choosing additional steps: send a text, add the Subscribers to a List, collect their name & email address, or transfer them to a Subaccount where a specific team can connect with them.

Step 4: That's all! Now guests and members can easily get connected to the right ministry or info they need.


You've set up a Keyword that Pastor will share during announcements, "Text EARLYCHURCH to 94000 and we'll get you connected with the right team". When Subscribers text in "earlychurch", they'll receive your Menu, respond with a number, and be entered into a specific path of your Workflow.

Each person's response will determine which Workflow path they enter. Each path can include various steps: send follow up texts, add Subscribers to a specific List, or even transfer them to another Workflow or Subaccount.

Things to Note:

  • You can change your menu options at any time (without changing your Keyword). For example, add another menu option near Christmas with info about any changing service times.

  • The response text must include only the number. For example, 2 Youth Ministry would not trigger the menu option. They would need to text 2.

  • You can create as many menu options as your character count allows (up to 765 characters).

  • To receive info on a second topic, simply text the Keyword again, and select a new option.

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