When someone texts in with your Keyword, you can automatically create a new Person for them in your Rock RMS account.

Step 1: Create a new Keyword or select an existing one

Step 2: Select Lists

Select the List(s) you want to attach to your Keyword and enter your auto-response message.

Step 3: Click the "Add Step" button.

Step 4: Select "Push to Rock RMS"

If you haven't yet set up your Rock Integration, just click "Connect" in the newly added step.*


*Note: Rock RMS requires a first and last name to create a Person. When adding this step we will automatically add the Collect Name and Email step to your workflow unless it has already been created.

Step 5: Click 'Create' or 'Update Keyword'

Now that you've set up your Keyword, everyone who texts in and fills out the form will be created as a new Person in your Rock account.

Note: Avoiding Duplicates

Because of the way Rock handles duplicate profiles, Clearstream will check for existing Person Profiles that match the new subscriber. If the match shares a mobile phone number with the new subscriber, no profile will be created. If the match has no mobile number listed, Clearstream will set the matched profile's mobile number to the new subscriber's number. Otherwise, a new profile will be created for the subscriber.

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