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How can I see where someone is in my workflow?
How can I see where someone is in my workflow?
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Curious about where someone is in your workflow? There are a couple ways to see the last text this person received.

Option 1: Check your Workflow

Select your workflow and scroll down to see if there is anyone currently on a "wait" step. Here, you can see who is waiting for each step.

Option 2: Pull a Subscriber Texts Report

Head to Settings > Reports > Subscriber Texts. This will export a CSV file like the one shown below with every text that subscriber has received or sent.

Option 3: Check the Activity Table

The Keyword Activity Table allows you to see where each person is in your keyword workflow. To see this, head to the Keywords page > Select the keyword you're looking at > Scroll down to Keyword Activity. This table will show you the messages sent to or received from each subscriber who texted your keyword. The most recently sent or received messages will be at the top of the chart.

You can see the same information for your Automated Workflows in the Workflow Activity Table. Head to the Messages page > Scroll down to Automated Workflows > Select the Automated Workflow you're looking at > Scroll to Workflow Activity.

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