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Workflow Activity Table
Workflow Activity Table
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The Workflow Activity Table lets you see where each person is in your Automated Workflow and which messages they've received. To see this, go to the Messages page > scroll down to Automated Workflows > select the Automated Workflow you want to view > scroll to Workflow Activity.

Note: information on Keyword Workflows can be found under the Keyword Activity Table.

This table will show you the messages sent to each subscriber who has entered this workflow. The most recently sent messages will be at the top of the chart. You can filter by status to see which subscribers your messages have sent to, failed to, and if you've received any replies to your workflow.

It's important to note that this table will only display "received" messages that are in response to a Send Menu step. Poll responses and incoming replies like "Thanks!" won't display here. For example, this Send Menu gives four different options.

Text a list of options for people to choose from

You can see that Lizzie replied with 2 to select the Outreach Ministry, Jimothy replied with 3 to join the Praise Team, and Cait replied with 4 to join a Bible Study.

You can also search for a specific subscriber to see their workflow activity.

You can also export the information in your Automated Workflow Table (with any filters selected) by selecting the 3 dots in the right hand corner > Export.

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