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Why is my CCB Group smaller in Clearstream than in CCB?
Why is my CCB Group smaller in Clearstream than in CCB?

Why are there fewer subscribers in my Clearstream list than my CCB Saved Search?

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Are some of your contacts in your CCB Group or Saved Search not syncing into Clearstream? No worries. It's common to lose a few contacts when you're syncing from CCB for a few reasons. Common reasons some numbers aren't syncing:

  • It is not a valid mobile number

  • It is a duplicate - meaning the same number is listed more than once in the Group, which is common in families. Each Subscriber must have a unique phone number, so if two contacts have the same number, we will only sync one of them into Clearstream.

  • The phone number is not listed in the Mobile field in CCB. If the number is listed in the Home or Work fields, be sure to copy it to the Mobile field to ensure the contact is synced to Clearstream.

  • The profile is Inactive in CCB. By default, only Active profiles are synced from Clearstream. This can be changed in your Sync Settings.

If you need help figuring out why certain contacts are not syncing, feel free to ask our support team. We're happy to help.

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