There are a few ways to delay texts in your workflows: send with a delay, send on a specific day, send at a specific time, or a combination of these. You can delay texts in both your keyword workflows and automated workflows.

Note: If you're looking to schedule a message sent from the messages page (not within a workflow), you learn about that here.

Send with a delay

First, select Additional Settings.

If you'd like the text to delay based on when the last step was completed, select Send with a delay. Here, you can delay your text by any number of minutes, days, hours, or weeks from when the previous step occurred. If you delay the first step in your workflow, your message will be delayed from when the keyword was texted in (in most cases you won't want to delay your first workflow step).

Send on a specific day or time

To send your message at a specific day/time regardless of when someone texted in, select "Send on a specific day of the week", "Send at a specific time", or you can use both day and time together.

If you're ever unsure about how a delay will work, check out the cell phone preview on the right side of your screen. This phone will show when each message in your workflow will send, based upon if someone texted in right then.


Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Can I send with a delay and send on a specific day/time?

    • Yes. You can set a text to delay two weeks, and then send on Saturday, for example. Clearstream will always follow the delay first, then send at the specific day of the week or time of day.

  • What time will my message send if I only select to send on a specific day?

    • Your message will send at the same time of day that the previous step occurred. If someone texted your keyword or received a previous workflow text at 11am, they will receive your delayed message at 11am on the day you selected.

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