There are two numbers that your Clearstream will use: a Shortcode (carrier approved, 5 digit number) and a Longcode (local 10-digit number)

While most texting providers offer either Shortcode or Longcode messaging, we offer both to ensure the highest delivery rate for your messages. Nearly all of your contacts will receive messages from your Shortcode. Why? Shortcodes are meant for mass texting. Longcodes aren't. 

That being said, when syncing a List from Planning Center or importing an Excel file, a few of your contacts may have Shortcode texting blocked with their wireless carrier (usually unbeknownst to them). The best option is to create a Longcode as a 'fallback number'. If you have a Longcode created in your account, those contacts will still be able to receive your messages via your Longcode. Everyone else will receive messages from your Shortcode.

When creating your Longcode, just select the use as a fallback option.

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