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What are failed numbers?
What are failed numbers?
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When sending a message to a large list, it's common to have a few failed numbers. Most text messaging providers don't show this data, but we feel it's important and transparent to show. You can view failures by selecting your message on the Messages page. Scroll down to the Message Activity table and set the 'filter by status' to failed.

Common reasons for failed numbers

  • Mobile number has been deactivated by their wireless carrier

  • Landline number (typically from a 3rd-party integration like your ChMS or an imported file)

  • Message has been filtered out by the recipient's wireless carrier. Learn more about carrier filtering here.

  • If your message is being sent from a 5 digit short code, some contacts may have short code messaging blocked with their wireless plan (often beknownst to them). If you use a short code, create a long code to use as a fallback option.

Credits used for failed messages are automatically reimbursed within a few seconds. If you'd like more info on why a message failed, reach out to our team and we can look into it for you.

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