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Wireless Carrier Registration (A2P)
Why do I need to register my account?
Why do I need to register my account?
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Wireless carriers require 10-digit local phone numbers to be registered if they're being used to send and receive text messages.

A2P 10DLC (Application-to-Person 10-Digit long code) is the name of this SMS 'highway' which allows organizations to send mass text messages through 10-digit local phone numbers.

The information we collect (EIN, address, etc.) is used to verify your organization with wireless carriers. It confirms that your organization is a legitimate entity that can be trusted. With this registration process, your long code's message deliverability will be much higher and your messages will send significantly faster.

Are there any registration fees?

The carriers impose additional fees for both registration and messaging. However, Clearstream covers these fees, so there is no additional cost for your church.

If you have questions or are not sure how to register, just reach out to our support team.

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