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Can I send pictures (MMS)?
Can I send pictures (MMS)?
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Yes, with Clearstream you can send high resolution photos. MMS is enabled per account, so if you'd like it enabled just reach out to our team.ย 

Once MMS is enabled, you'll see a new picture icon when creating your message. When you click it you'll be able to upload a JPEG or PNG file from your computer. Your picture can be up to 8MB.

There's no additional cost to enable MMS on your account, but MMS messages will use 3 message credits per Subscriber. If sending a picture message to a List of 100 people, you will use 300 message credits.

Wireless carriers that do not support short code MMS

Bandwidth, Google Voice, US Cellular, cSpire (Cellsouth), Googlevoice, Appalachian Wireless, Interop Carrier Group, ClearSky Carrier Group

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