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How can I sync my CCB Process Queues into Clearstream?
How can I sync my CCB Process Queues into Clearstream?
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Did you know you can send messages to Clearstream Subscribers that are in your Church Community Builder process queues?

To do this, we will use CCB's Saved Search functionality to create an always-up-to-date list of people in a specific process queue.

1) Navigate to People Search in your CCB account

This is located under People > People Search.

2) Adjust your filters

Adjust the filters of your saved search. You can create any saved search you want and sync it with Clearstream, but for this example we will create a Saved Search of people currently in a process queue called "1st Time Guest".


Choose "Process Queue - Status" as your filter type. Then select your Process Queue. Finally choose "In Process", "Waiting", and "Not Started".*

*Note: Depending on your needs you can adjust the selected statuses.

3) Save your Search

Scroll back up and click Save Search. Give your saved search a name.

4) Sync your Saved Search with Clearstream

In Clearstream, go to Integrations > Church Community Builder. If you need to setup your integration, learn more here.

Under Saved Seaches click Change.

In the Saved Search section, locate your newly created Saved Search. Scroll up, select Update. Then click Run Sync Now.

When the sync is complete, your saved search will now show up in Clearstream as a list on the Subscribers page!

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