If you have a vCard (also known as a virtual business card or contact card), you can easily send it through Clearstream, so that your members can quickly save your contact information. A vCard has all of your contact info prefilled (phone number, email address, physical address, etc.) All your members have to do is save the vCard as a contact. This way, when you text your members they will see a text from your church's name instead of a phone number.

To include a vCard as part of your text, select the picture icon to "Insert Media".

From here, you can select your vCard to include it in your text message.

Here's an example of how it might look when your members receive the vCard to their phone:

Things to Note:

  • Messages including a vCard will use 3 credits/recipient.

  • There is not a way to create a vCard within Clearstream currently. You will need to use a third party app such as Contacts or Vcardmaker.

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