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How do I send a vCard?
How do I send a vCard?
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You can easily send a vCard through Clearstream, so that your members can quickly save your contact information. A vCard has all of your contact info prefilled (phone number, email address, physical address, etc.) All your members have to do is save the vCard as a contact. This way, when you text your members they will see a text from your church's name instead of a phone number.

Your Clearstream vCard

Clearstream has automatically created one for you with your texting number. Your Clearstream vCard will include your phone number for texting, the contact name, and an optional photo.

To view and edit your vCard, head to Settings > Numbers > Select your phone number. Here, you can upload a photo and change the contact name if you'd like to.

That's it! You've now created the vCard for your Clearstream texting number. You can send this vCard in a message or as an autoresponse in your keyword workflow for any keyword on your 10 digit number.


Here's an example of how it might look when your members receive the vCard to their phone:

Note: Messages including a vCard will use 3 credits/recipient.

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