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Can I send Videos?
Can I send Videos?
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Yes! With Clearstream you can send high quality videos to your subscribers from the messages page.

Check out this quick tutorial, or use the steps below to get started in sending your own video!

How to send Video:

1. Create a new Message.

2. Tap on the + icon at the bottom of the message editor and select Video.

3. When you're ready, click the red record button.

4. After the countdown, the recording will start. Make sure to smile!

5. When you're done recording, click the red stop button. If you don't like the first take, click Discard and Re-record to start over.

6. Once you're done, give your video a title and click Insert Video.

7. Write some text to go along with your video and select your recipients.

8. Click Preview Message, then send out your beautiful video!

A few things to note:

  • Your video can be up to five minutes long.

  • Recipients will receive a link they can tap to view the video. Most smartphones will show a preview of the video in their messages app.

  • There is no additional cost to send a video, but the short link to your video will count towards your character count.

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