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How can I create a custom link shortener?
How can I create a custom link shortener?
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With Clearstream, you can create a custom link shortener for sending URLs to your congregation and guests. Shortened links have a few big advantages:

  • They use less characters, which ultimately helps you use less credits.

  • They can be tracked, so you can see how many people clicked on your link.

  • Generally, they are more pleasing to the eye than a longer URL.

To create your custom link shortener, head to Settings > Link Shortening > Clearstream Link Shortener.

There will be a default domain created for you, but you can always change it to something else. Best practice is to use something that resembles your church name. Wireless carriers prefer shortened links to be branded according to the organization, and the people receiving your texts are more likely to trust the link if it has your church name in it.

To use your new link shortener, head over to the Messages page and paste any link you'd like into your message. Click the Shorten URLs icon, and you're all set to send your message.

After you send your message, you can see how many people clicked on the link by viewing the Message Details > scroll down to 'Short Link Tracking'. Here, you can see the number of clicks on your link. You can also filter the time range displayed on the graph if you'd like to see clicks over the course of the week, month, etc.

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