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How do I create a recurring message?
How do I create a recurring message?
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With recurring messages you can send a message on a repeating schedule. Recurring messages are commonly used for weekly or monthly service reminders and can be configured for many uses. To create your first recurring message, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Create a message

  1. Navigate to the messages page and click Create Message.

  2. Write your message and choose the recipients.

  3. Select Schedule > Recurring. This opens a pop-up where you can configure recurring options.

Step 2: Set the schedule

  1. Select a Start Date. The selected date will be the first date the message sends.

  2. Choose a Send Time.

  3. You will then see a series of options under Repeats covering the most common recurring schedules. If one of these schedules works for your message, select it and continue to step 3. If not, select Custom.

    1. If you've selected Custom, you can now configure a custom recurring schedule. Set the frequency (weeks, days, months) and interval (1, 2, 3...); and complete any other options related to your custom schedule.

Step 3: Complete setup

  1. Specify when your message will end. You can have your message stop sending after a set number of messages or on a given date.

  2. Verify the recurring schedule by reviewing the Upcoming Messages panel on the right.

  3. Click Set Recurring Schedule.

  4. Click Schedule Message.

You've now created a recurring message! Sit back while Clearstream delivers your message on the specified schedule. Learn more about managing Recurring Messages.

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