After creating a recurring message there are a few actions you can take...

View a recurring message

You can find your recurring messages on the Messages page, in the Upcoming Messages section, under the Recurring tab. Click Recurring, then click on a message to open it.

From here you can view a message's details, the upcoming schedule, and a history of messages.

You can also Duplicate, Edit, or Delete the message by clicking the 3 dots to the far right.

Edit a recurring message

To edit a recurring message, view the message and select Edit from the action menu. From here, make changes to the message and click Update Message.

Note: A recurring message cannot be changed to 'Send now' or 'Send later'.

Duplicate a recurring message

To duplicate a recurring message, view the message and select Duplicate from the action menu. This copies the message header, body, recipients, and from number into a new message.

Note: The recurring schedule will not be copied over to the new message.

Delete a recurring message

To delete a recurring message, view the message and select Delete from the action menu. Once confirmed, no more recurring messages will be sent.

Any past messages sent by this recurring message can be found on the messages page, under Sent Messages.

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