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How to Create a Zap with Clearstream's Incoming Text Trigger
How to Create a Zap with Clearstream's Incoming Text Trigger

Trigger Zapier for New Incoming Texts.

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With Clearstream's Zapier Integration you can trigger a zap when a new incoming text is received. To set up a zap with Clearstream as the trigger follow the directions below:

  1. Search for Clearstream as the App Event Trigger

  2. Select New Incoming Text as the Trigger Event & click Continue

  3. Under Choose Account, click Sign in to Clearstream. This will open a window where you can authorize access to your Clearstream account.

  4. Sign in to Clearstream, Choose the account you'd like to connect, and Authorize the connection.

  5. Back in Zapier, click Continue. Now you will set up the trigger β€” Choose whether you would like this Zap to run for Incoming Texts that are keywords. Then Continue.

  6. Finally, test this trigger by clicking Test trigger. This will pull in a recent text from your Clearstream account for setting up the rest of the Zap. Click Continue.

Now this zap is setup with the Clearstream New Incoming Text trigger. You can setup any actions from the thousands of apps integrated with Zapier.

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