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Why aren't my Planning Center Lists updating?
Why aren't my Planning Center Lists updating?
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Your Clearstream account will automatically sync with Planning Center every 24 hours (around 4am). If you need to re-sync your Lists in the middle of the day, go to Integrations > Planning Center View > click "Run Sync Now". You can also sync a specific List at anytime from the Subscribers page*. Click the 3-dot icon (far right) > Sync Now.

Clearstream will only sync the Planning Center Lists you choose to sync. If you've created a new Planning Center List and you want to sync it into Clearstream, you can change/add which Lists are syncing from the Integrations page.

You will only be able to sync Lists that you have access to in Planning Center. If you aren't seeing certain Lists it's most likely that either:

  1. You don't have permissions to view the Lists in Planning Center

  2. You are not the User who set up the Planning Center integration and that User does not have access to the List. If this is the case, you can log into Planning Center and share the List with the person who set up the integration.

You can view which User has synced with Planning Center from Integrations (left menu) > click View under Planning Center.

Things to note:

If you have any questions about our Planning Center integration or you need help troubleshooting, please reach out to us. We're happy to help.

* Updated 06/03/2020

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