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Creating a long code (dedicated number)
Creating a long code (dedicated number)
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A long code is a 10-digit, local phone number that can be used for sending & receiving text messages. Learn more about the difference between long codes and short codes.

Quick Setup: Login > Settings > Numbers.


  1. Choose your number. You can filter your options by area code and specific number combinations.

  2. Customize Settings. The functionality of your long code can be customized to fit your specific use case.

  3. Click "Create Long code." Your long code is active as soon as you create it. You can always edit the functionality of your long code from the Numbers section in your account.

Common Use Cases

  • Live Q&A via text - With Clearstream, it's not necessary for someone to first text a Keyword to your long code. Any messages sent to your long code instantly go to your Inbox, where you can view each message and reply. This makes long codes a perfect tool for a live Q&A session, with a moderator managing your Inbox in real-time. Example - "Text your questions to 555-787-8989."

  • Text-enabled support, help, or feedback line - Encourage your church to give feedback, ask questions, or get help through your long code. All incoming messages are immediately sent to your Inbox. Enable Inbox notifications to be alerted when you receive a new message. Notifications can be sent via email, push notifications if using the mobile app, and Slack.

  • Prayer line - A long code can also be a great tool for collecting prayer requests. Example: "How can we pray for you? Text your prayer requests to 555-787-8989". You can set up an auto-response to let them know you've received their request and your team will be praying.

  • Fallback number - We almost always recommend enabling this option. If anyone in your Subscriber List has short code messaging blocked on their wireless plan, we'll automatically re-route your texts through your long code to those specific people.

Things to Know

  • Each account can have one long code per account/Subaccount.

  • You choose your long code and filter your options by area code and specific number combinations.

  • Each long code is unique to an account. Your long code is never used by another account.

  • All incoming messages sent to your long code are stored in your Clearstream Inbox.

  • Long codes are a paid account feature.

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