When new subscribers text in with your Keyword, you can automatically create a new corresponding Person in your Planning Center account and optionally add them to a Planning Center Workflow. In order to do this you will need to have editor, admin, or manager permissions in your Planning Center account.

(Video Tutorial below)


1. Create a new Keyword or select one of your already existing Keywords.

2. Select the List(s) you want to attach to your Keyword, enter your auto-response message(s) then click the "add step" button.

3. Select "Push to Planning Center". If you haven't yet set up your Planning Center Integration just click "connect to Planning Center" to integrate. *note: Planning Center requires a first and last name in order to create a Person. When you add this step we will automatically add the collect data step to your workflow. 

4.  If you want to add your subscribers to one of your Planning Center Workflows check the 'Add to Workflow' box and select the Workflow you want them to be added to. 

5. Click 'Create' or 'Update Keyword'.

Now that you've set up your Keyword, all of your subscribers who text in and fill out the collect data form will be created as a new Person in your Planning Center account. If a subscriber fills out the data form and they already have a Person in Planning Center we will merge them so that there aren't any duplicates in your account.

Video Tutorial:

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