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Importing contacts is available with any paid Clearstream account.

Due to strict laws concerning SMS spam, we manually review and approve each import request. The following criteria must be met to have your customer list imported:

  1. You must have written or electronic consent to text the contacts you wish to import. This is the single most important criteria we must legally abide by when granting import requests. An example would be a paper form, or an electronic form, where they consent to receive promotional text messages.

  2. Subscribers must have opted-in to your List within the last 180 days. Any subscribers that opted-in beyond 180 days will not be imported. 

  3. The number of contacts, and the type of text messages you plan to send, will determine whether your messages are delivered from a shared shortcode or a dedicated local phone number.

  4. For every import request, Clearstream will review your contacts and determine whether an import will be allowed. We may require verifying your account via telephone before approving the request. Providing false information will result in the termination of your account.

Clearstream adheres to federal laws and mobile marketing guidelines set forth by the FCC, CTIA (The Wireless Association), and the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association).

If all requirements for list importing have been met, you can submit your list to be imported from within your Clearstream account.

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