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How do I port my phone number into Clearstream?
How do I port my phone number into Clearstream?
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If you have an existing phone number you'd like to use for your long code, we can port it into your Clearstream account. We can port wireless, landline, toll-free, and VoIP numbers.

If porting from Twilio, Text in Church, Pastorsline, or Avochato, it's a simple process and typically only takes a couple days. If porting from a different software, it can sometimes take 3-6 weeks. Reach out to our team to verify the timeline for your number(s).

Email [email protected] with your port request and the following information:

  1. The first & last name of the owner of the number.

  2. The service address for the number.

  3. Is the service address residential or business?

  4. Is the number wireless or landline/toll-free/VoIP?

  5. A filled-out and signed letter of authorization.

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