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Can my long code receive calls?
Can my long code receive calls?
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Yes, you can enable Call Forwarding for $10/mo. This lets people call your 10-digit texting number and be forwarded to a different number (like an office phone, church landline, etc).

Quick steps: From your main account, Settings > Plan, under billing > scroll down to Add-Ons > enable Call Forwarding.

Once call forwarding has been enabled from the main account, it can be used in subaccounts as well. From within any subaccount, head to settings > numbers > click on the 10-digit number.

Things to note:

  • This feature must first be enabled from the main account before it can be used in subaccounts.

  • The cost to enable call forwarding is $10/mo.

    • This applies to your entire account. You won't have to pay $10/mo for each subaccount using call forwarding.

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