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Creating a new subaccount
Creating a new subaccount
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A Subaccount is a separate account that is tied to, and part of, your main (master) account. Subaccounts let you easily divide your account into multiple departments. Each Subaccount is its own account with separate lists, keywords, inbox, long codes, integrations, and people (users) managing it.

**Subaccounts can only be created by the Owner of your account.**

**On February 5th, 2024 Admins in the main account will be granted permission to create, edit, and delete subaccounts. This only applies to Admins in the main account.

Subaccounts let you:

  • Manage separate ministries or campuses from one umbrella account - each ministry or campus can have its' own account, under your master account.

  • Distribute message credits and keywords for each subaccount, which pulls from your master account's monthly plan. You won't have multiple monthly plans, multiple billing, etc. Just one monthly plan tied to your master account. That's it.

  • Quickly switch between accounts - You won't have to login to one account, log out of that account, and log into a different account. Just toggle between accounts from the dropdown menu in the top right corner of your account.

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