New messages, automated-responses, and Inbox replies can be up to 765 characters long (letters and numbers). The character count below the message body shows the length of the message.

Credits Required

  • Messages less than 161 characters use 1 credit per Subscriber.

  • Messages between 161-306 characters use 2 credits per Subscriber.

  • Messages between 307-459 characters use 3 credits per Subscriber.

  • Messages between 460-612 characters use 4 credits per Subscriber.

  • Messages between 613-765 characters use 5 credits per Subscriber.

If your message exceeds 160 characters you will see a pop up message informing you that your message will use more credits.

Messages that include special characters like Emojis or accented characters will be limited to fewer characters. Click here for details on sending a message with special characters.

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