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Setting up Zapier Integration
Setting up Zapier Integration
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This integration lets you integrate your Clearstream account with other 3rd party apps you use. Think of Zapier as the middleman. Thousands of apps can be integrated together through Zapier.

The Clearstream Zapier App provides a trigger and four actions. The New Incoming Text trigger can be used to initiate a Zapier workflow when a new text is received within Clearstream. The Create/Update Subscriber, Send Text to List, Send Text to Number, and Remove Subscriber from List actions can be used in workflows to take action within Clearstream.

If you'd like to use our Zapier integration, find us on Zapier.

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Example trigger use cases:

  • You would like a Google Sheets record of all incoming texts. You can use the New Incoming Text trigger to add rows to Google Sheets.

Example actions use cases:

  • You use Wufoo or Typeform as builders for your website or event registrations. Now you can use the Create/Update Subscriber action from new form entries to add subscribers to a Clearstream List. 

  • You use Mailchimp or ConstantContact for your email marketing and communications. Anytime you collect mobile numbers, you can push them to a Clearstream List with the Create/Update Subscriber action.

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