After installing the Rock RMS plugin, you'll need to take a few steps to configure it properly. To speed things up, you can just watch this video walkthrough. Or, follow the written instructions below.

NOTE: If you are using subaccounts in Clearstream, you'll also want to read this article: Using the Rock RMS Plugin with Subaccounts.

Configure Clearstream

Log in to your Clearstream account and create an API key and webhook.

Step 1: Create an API Key

  1. Navigate to Settings > API Keys.
  2. Generate a new API key with the following configuration:

    Name: Rock RMS
  3. Copy this API key. You'll need it when configuring Rock.

Step 2: Create a Webhook

  1. Navigate to Settings > Webhooks.
  2. Create a new webhook with the following configuration:

    Event: text.received
    Endpoint URL: https://<Your Rock URL>/Webhooks/Clearstream.ashx

Configure Rock

Log in to your Rock account and configure the transport and your phone numbers.

Step 1: Communication Transport

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools > Communications > Communication Transports.
  2. Select "Clearstream" from the list and configure the following options:

    Active. Must be set to Yes.
    Text Message Header. The header for all outgoing texts. Required if using a shared shortcode. Will be prepended to all outgoing texts as follows: "[Text Message Header]: Hi there!"
    API Key. Your Clearstream API key that you created above.
    Throttling. Amount of time in milliseconds to wait between sending texts. Require to avoid hitting rate limits. Defaults to 50ms.
    Override Opt-outs. Whether to override opt-outs in Clearstream. If this option is set to No, an outgoing text will fail if a subscriber is opted-out in Clearstream. Setting this to Yes is useful if a subscriber is opted-out but you still want to be able to send a text to them from within Rock, such as in response to a keyword or a one-time notification. This option is only available to accounts using a dedicated shortcode.

Step 2: Communication Medium

  1. Navigate Admin Tools > Communications > Communication Mediums.
  2. Select "SMS" and update the following options:

    Active. Must be set to Yes.
    Character Limit. Clearstream has a character limit of 320 for outgoing texts, which includes the message header.
    Transport Container. Must be set to Clearstream.

Step 3: SMS Phone Number

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools > Communications > SMS Phone Numbers.
  2. Click the plus symbol to add a new phone number:

    Value. The shortcode or longcode in your Clearstream account. Must be in the format 55498 (for shortcodes) or +12005551234 (for longcodes).
    Description. Can be whatever you want to help you recognize this number.
    Active. Must be checked.
    Enable Response Recipient Forwarding. Must be set to No.

That's it! The plugin is now configured properly.

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